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john steinMy name is Jon Stein and I am a fanatic about sports and fitness. I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin in a quiet neighborhood not far from the University of Madison. This allowed me to attend numerous sporting events as a child which resulted in my interest in a healthy living lifestyle that followed me my entire life. When entering college I already knew what my focus would be. I wanted to share my love of healthy living with the people who need it and the entire world for that matter.

During my time in college, I studied the human body and the effects of physical activity and health in relation to workouts and diets. These studies eventually led me to my certification as a nutritionist and as a personal trainer. I have earned awards for Excellence in Health and Fitness, and was part of a RoSPA award. These awards were great honors to have bestowed upon myself, but the real reward comes from the results that I see in the people that I help to train to live a healthier life.

As a personal trainer, health and nutrition are a number one priority to my life and my business. My website offers information about a number of subjects that revolve around workouts, diets, and extreme sports. Each program is uniquely designed to accommodate the individual’s situation. Each person’s individual situation is assessed completely and a plan is formulated for the proper workout and diet plan. I then coach and support members to reach the goals that they have set for themselves. Not only does my website Mad Madison Sports Authority offer information about the health and fitness of individuals, but it also gives information about extreme sporting events and activities.

tough mudder On MMSA, I have helped countless people with their daily struggles with weight loss and exercise. One client turned to Mad Madison Sports Authority for advice and was able to successfully loose 40 pounds with a combination of healthy eating and exercise. She then began to partake in the world of extreme sports and now participates in some of the most heart pounding extreme sports. She often sends photos of her latest and greatest accomplishments in the world of extreme activities. In a recent email, this client commented that, “This website has changed my life. I am now reaching heights and accomplishing feats that I never dreamed I could.”

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